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Jaxcan handed the organizing duties of the Jacksonville Hempfest off to NE Florida CAN in
2004 and 2005. After 8 Years running the Hempfest was inactive for 2006 and 2007.
Jaxhempfest.com points to the NE Florida Can Version of the Jax Hempfest website.


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Sixth Annual Jacksonville Hempfest


Get a complete wrap-up of the 2003 event here.....

Legal Library

The Jacksonville Hempfest accomplished some major free speech victories for the North Florida Area. The Jacksonville Hempfest created caselaw that has been cited in numerous US supreme court and circuit court cases throughout the country.


The Jacksonville Hempfest began in 1998 and has annually been sponsored by Florida Cannabis Action Network, in 2002 a JAXCAN organization was formed in order to serve the local citizen's needs for legalization of cannabis and to better organize locally for the event.
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Volunteers and sponsors are needed now!

The hempfest needs volunteers and organizers to help plan the event, formulate ideas to raise money, create literature, telemarket potential sponsors and other things. If you are interested Click on the image.

2002 Jacksonville Hempfest

The 2002 Jacksonville Hempfest occured on April 20th, 2002. The event went well save a few arrests. The statistics, news stories, and figures from the 2002 event are located here.


Florida Cannabis Action Network
A wonderful coalition of activists, attorneys, patients, and doctors working together to assist in the effort to create the necessary change in the law prohibiting the possession, use, and distribution of cannabis.

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