Welcome to the Section of the North Florida Shroom Guide devoted to helping you find psilocybes in the wild. For those of you in Florida, a real treat awaits you below as we have lists of fields.
Also we can share with you what kind of environments you should be looking in and what areas of the US and the world you can find these treats....

The Florida Fields Are GONE! READ THIS!

Identification Techniques and Environments

Common Large Psilocybe Psilocybe cubensis (Ear.) Sing. Strophariaceae, Agaricales

Large, fleshy, yellowish cap and a persistent ring on stalk; bruising blue; on cow manure.
The Psilocybe Cubensis has a darker brownish spot in the dead center of the top of the cap and this "stain" turns lighter going out towards the edges, the stems are fleshy, which means they are not hollow or flimsy, and if broken they will turn blue on the edges in a minute or two. The caps if not dried, have a sticky film on them and they smell kindof sweet. The veil if broken away from the underside forms a "skirt" around the stem which gets stained purple by the falling spores. The gills are grey if fresh, purple if the veil has been open for some time.

These Mushrooms can be found in the Gulf Coast Region, Florida, South Georgia, Southern Alabama, Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and Eastern Texas. They Grow directly on Manure or around manure, or in soil where there once was manure of multi chambered mammals (Cattle, Horses, etc).

Best chance of occurrence is in piles in the shade of trees, or with tall grass surrounding the piles.

Best Chance of finding them is 12-36 hours after a heavy rainfall event.

For Information about Copelandia cyanescens which do grow in Florida and are more potent see this page.
For information about other varieties which can be found in other areas. See this page.

Pictures of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms can be found in our harvest section.

Field Locations in Florida

Below you will find locations of and directions to fields which produce Psilocybe Mushrooms
It is your responsibility to follow all state and local laws regarding trespassing. Remember that in the state of Florida the possession of fresh psilocybes is not unlawful. This does not mean you will not get arrested for picking them. It only means that the courts have ruled (Fiske Vs. State of Florida, 1978) that you can not be convicted of possession of a controlled substance.
Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte county pickers READ THIS!


The Florida Fields ARE GONE!


The Florida fields are gone because of this article. North Florida Shroom Guide does not condone or wish to help the police in any way. Therefore the fields are gone. For more info about the events surrounding this debacle read this page. They may make a return someday and I will be glad to selectively e-mail the old file with the understanding that there is no guarantee or warranty of finding anything but trouble at those fields.

Out of Florida Fields:

These Fields are in Other States and the ones out West are not psilocybe cubensis. If there is not a field or picking location in your area on here, then I do not know about it and am not really sure about what type of shroom might be there, you can however check this page for information about vanities or environments in you area.

Alabama Fields

The field on Greek Cemetary road in Baldwin Co Alabama has been removed per the polite request of the landowner via the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Investigation Unit.


Mississippi Fields

Shrooms can supposedly be found in every and any pasture off of Interstate 55 north to Memphis. Just remember to be cautious and have fun!

West Point, Mississippi
there are six fields of of highway 50 west leaving west point Mississippi, to waddell. after the sign, turn left, and go until you pass a railroad crossing. these fields last year produced 7-10 inch caps. the color were brown-dark red, and very potent. in one night, we picked easily 5-7 pounds of fresh shrooms.


Pasadena Texas Fields


Red Bluff Road and Underwood Road Usually moderate results, occasionally spectacular.

 Miller Cutoff Road and the back road to Dow Corporation's Pasadena plastics plant. I have picked a bag full without crossing the fence line.

 The fields along Fairmont Parkway and Red Bluff Roads will produce. In July, when it's too hot for anything else, look for Panaeolus Cyanescens which intermittently appears.


Oregon Field:

REMOVED NEW! Read this e-mail from landowner!

Nimbin, Australia:

Anyone vacationing in Australia who would like to pick some shrooms should travel through Nimbim in the northern part of the state of New South Wales. They can be bought in powered form (all year round) over the counter (but ask for "super-guarana" as a code name). $50 gets you about 5 to 8 grams. Alternatively, for $50 they will take you out into the fields and you can pick your own (seasonal). You can find them free if you know where to look. Nimbin is a small country town and is the "hippie/alternative" capital of Australia. An enormous amount of tourists pass through daily to pick up an ounce or two of holiday hooch as well. You don't even have to get out of your car a lot of the time. All of these sales take place in the main street (which is only about 500 yards long).There is also an annual "Mardi Grass" (sic) with lots of competitions of skill with only one rule, you must be stoned. There is also a joint rolling competition. Lots of live music. Thousands come from all over. There is never any trouble or hassles so the 2 town police turn a blind eye. There are also many cafes and shops and a museum of grass. A lot of tourists drive the 30 mins from up-market Byron Bay on the coast for their vacation supplies. The legalisation of hooch was defeated by only one vote a couple of years ago in the state senate (and that senator only voted "no" out of spite over an unrelated matter). Nimbin offers many educational services and materials on shrooms. Locals, as well as others from all over and all walks of life, regularly turn out for 'rave/trance' dance parties out in the forests, under the stars (weekly in Summer). But there are lots of quiet forest walks and streams and camping in the area. Thank you Steve from Downunder for that report.

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