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Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide

The Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide has been around for years. It has been available on the Internet
in one form or another since the early 90's and before that, by mailorder. The author of this page was even quoted in one of the earlier versions. It is a must read for first time growers and a valuable resource for the more experienced.

Click Here to view the latest version 3.2 (late 1996) in Html format.
Click Here to Download the MMGG in zip Format


The PF Tek by Psilocybe Fanticus is one of the simplest instructions for newbies. For use with spores syringes also available on the Psilocybe Fanaticus homepage but portions can be used to fit your needs or with other syringes, even those you have made. This method can be easily combined with MMGG as well. Also available on the PF homepage are pictures of grow projects using this method, adaptations of the PF Tek, a critique of the MMGG above, and numerous other pieces of invaluable information about cultivating psilocybe mushrooms.

Click Here to go to the archived version of the PF TEK Guide. The Psilocybe Fanaticus website was discontinued in 2008 due to legal changes in Holland. .

Aliens Shroom TEK

Aliens Tek is an easy and trouble free method of growing the sacred shroom. Very Complete and simple instructions are made available in a simple to navigate format. The link below is to an archived version.

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Shroom Wizard's Grow Method

With 30 Years Experience in Growing Shrooms, Shroom Wizard is someone who really knows the Ins and Outs (as in Out of Body) of Mushroom Cultivation Check out his corner of NFSG for his method. Shroom Wizard is also a trusted friend of this page's author and he also offers shroom safaris here in Florida. (In Season)

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Cowboy's Kick Ass Fruiting Method

Ok, Long overdue for its own billing: Here is my fruiting method, It is easier, quicker, efficient, and semi automatic. It provides proper moisture and temperature without having to use hydrometers, humidity gauges, or thermometers. The fruiting stage is a critical time in any grow project. This PROVEN method will save you aggravation and frustration and will produce nice big psychoactive caps for you to enjoy. Here it is:

1) Follow one of the methods above for germination and colonization of mycelium (preferably PF TEK)

If you get some kind of kit with mycelium syringes, the you would want to mix up the substrate using the formula 3/4 c of water, 3/4 cup brown rice flour and 2 cups vermiculite. Then you would put the substrate in the jars, seal and boil or pressure cook for 15 minutes, Half that for pressure cooking. Then let the jars cool for 4-5 hours. Then open the lid and put your mycelium inside and shut the lid. And put it in your closet. When you reach full colonization of the cake then follow the procedure below.

2) Make sure you have the following items on hand when it is time to fruit:

3) Once you have amassed the above Items, and it is nearing the time to take your cakes out of the jars, Assemble them according to this diagram.

From the floor up: Steam Vaporizer filled with water and plugged in, two milkcrates stacked vertically, the screen aquarium top (UP SIDE DOWN), the scotchbrite layer, the cakes from the jar placed on the scotchbrite, and finally the Aquarium (open end down)

4) You have now assembled the easiest fruiting method known to man, just run the vaporizer 18 hours a day and let it get indirect sunlight early, and direct sun later on and you are set. You will get Bigger and Better yields using this method.

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Obtaining Spores Is not very risky If you know who to buy from. Buying and Selling of spores for Psilocybe Mushrooms is not against the law (Except in California) Since they Contain No Psilocybin or Psilocin. In, Fact for Legalities Sake The Fungus is not truly illegal until fruiting. For more info on that subject see our law section.

Psilocybe Fanaticus


Smart Botanics

For those in other countries, Smart Botanics in Holland may be the way to go. Their syringes are cheap (US $8.95) and they ship WORLDWIDE!! (except to US) They also offer several supplies unobtainable elsewhere.

Click Here to visit Smart Botanics (still functioning 2/2011)


MycoTech offers Sporeprints of the Azurescens and Cyanescens varieties of psilocybes.
MycoTech can be reached by Phone @ 206-364-4851.
(unknown status)

Click Here to E-mail Mycotech

Spore Trading Post

At Spore trading post you can trade various spore prints syringes and fungi cultures with those around the world.
All sorts of strains are available as well as other cool goodies.

Click Here to access Spore Trading Post (still functioning 2/2011)

JLF Catalog


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If you Use my grow method here is what you will need

This is all you need to successfully grow shrooms!!!!!


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CLICK HERE To See our Day to Day Documentation of a grow project:

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Below are pictures of the Author's first grow experiment many years ago. They are not very good pictures but you can at least get an idea.

These are colonized cakes from the side. As you can see the pure white mycelium has almost completely covered the cakes. Had a little trouble with getting them to hold together.
These are my colonized cakes from the top. You can see the scotchbrite and aquarium lid as mentioned in Cowboy's Kick Ass Fruiting Method in the grow section.
Here are the vermiculite jars colonizing with fungus this is about 2 days before the first cakes were removed.

Who is this idiot? It looks as if he has eaten entirely too many shrooms!
See the shroom tea there. Please don't do this to yourself I beg of you.

More Pictures of others' grow projects can be see inside the harvest section of this website.
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