Lovely Find November 1996 In a Jacksonville field Sent to us by

July 28,1997 Harvest from Sunbeam road. Absolutely Lovely. If only it would have some kids!
Here is a beautiful Picture of some shrooms picked by Jason: in Hawthorne, FL on the 10th of June, 1997. These Look Delectable Don't They?
Look!! Lovely shrooms in the field In Citrus County, Florida The last weekend in September 1997. Sent to us by Toolman
August 8th, 1998 Find in Clay County Florida. Awesome cubensis. Some caps were upto 4" wide.
More shrooms in Clay County Field. August 8th, 1998.
3 More shrooms Clay County August 8th, 1998.
Home Gardening by yours truly summer '98
Shrooms Found in Crestview, Florida June, 1999 Thanks Kind Bud!
Shrooms Found in Shady Hills Field, Pasco County, FL July 1999. Thanks to Hydro7
Shrooms from Sarasota Field August 1999. Thanks to Tagee
These Hardy Creatures Were discovered in Manatee County late December 1999 - January 2000 by our good friend

Manatee County Field July 11th, 2000.

Sarasota County July 2000
Thanks Nomad

Lake County Leesburg, Florida July 2000
Thanks April

From Sarasota co. 7/2001
Peaceful Nomad

Here is an example of what happens when you follow the PF Tek Correctly. These lovely shrooms will soon be harvested by our good friend ddogg20
Some Pictures of Growth from other growers. Look at these beautiful Fruiting Cakes!

Nice Fruiting Cake From a Grower in Brazil!

Thanks Mauricio

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