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1% Smoke Shop Good Head shop on-line buying from them supports WEFEST!!!

AMAZING NATURE!These Folks Sell shrooms,and Peyote Cacti. Great Info Too!

Blur Of Insanity This one is killer

Cloning Mycelia Here is a method that could save you having to buy more spores!

The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension

Disembodied EyesTeonanacatl section of the once great disembodied eyes. Although no longer maintained because the author is missing, It is housed on Lycaeum. It has some wonderful photos of psilocybes

Drug Reform CoordinationNetworkGo to this Place and Sign Up! Join the Fight! Fuck the war on Marijuana and Psilocybin!!!!

Drug WorkshopSex with Psychedelics is among the topics here

Entheogen Dot An excellent resource for info about all entheogens.....Mushrooms, Salvia, Peyote, plus many others.(Temporarily Down)

Erowid Mushroom Vaults!!!! Such a classy Site You should visit now

HEMP BC: Good Source of spores for the hosers to the north, EH?

Hightides: Florida headshop featuring mailorder Salvia Divinorum

Knehnav's ethnobotanicalsSalvia, Peyote, and San Pedro.

Lycaeum Entheogen DatabaseThe place for links and info

Magic Mushroom Lamps  Mushroom Lamps, Great psychedelic gifts

Missing Link of Religion Art, History, and Scripture reference to the most sacred of substances.

MYCOELECTRONICA!!! Outstanding Mushroom Resource

Paranoia drug server- Open information from open minds, No Longer Updated Stored on Lycaeum

Peruvian Journey Website that is chocked full of ethnobotanical herbs, seeds, spores, and magic plants.....

Psilocybe Fanaticus Want to Grow? PF has what you need. Get your Spores and Instructions here.
(US Only)

Serendipity's psychedelics page

Serendipity's War on Drugs PageGreat Info for Our side of the WAR!

Shroom Leprechaun's Magic Mushroom Basement Info for South Florida Shroomers

The Shroomery!

Smart Botanics Check this place for mushie supplies, spores,and Kits (for those in Europe and other countries)

SporeTrading post : Trade Spores, Sporeprints, syringes with those around the world or just purchase a kit from them directly

Sporeworks.com Exclusive information about other varieties of psychedelic mushrooms

TAC ethnoBotanicalSeeds for Natural High plants!!!

THE ONES THAT STAIN BLUE We like these guys they sent us free schtuff!


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