What is Hempfest?

Hempfest is a political free speech event designed to promote awareness of the beneficial uses of marijuana. And to organize folks around efforts to legalize marijuana.

Hempfests occur throughout the United States and Canada. The Seattle Hempfest is supposedly the largest marijuana gathering in the world.

Hempfests usually include music, hemp crafts and goods, lively and informative speeches, literature and information, and other political networking.

Seattle's Hempfest Attracts more than 100,000 Visitors

Better events include interactive displays and games designed to inform citizens about the effects of the war on drugs. Citizens are always encouraged to talk with activists and amongst themselves in order to create good ideas to further the goal of legalization of cannabis. In Northeast Florida, Hempfest has occured every summer since 1998. Jacksonville Beach has been the original location. However the event was moved to Jacksonville in 2000 and 2001. The Hempfest has been in Federal Court Litigation over 3 of the last four events. Receiving 2 federal court injunctions against Jacksonville and Jax Beach. You can read those rulings and lawsuit, Along with the Gainesville Hempfest rulings from the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in our legal library.

Question: Do people Smoke pot at hempfests? What about Doobie Toss?

Answer: Although we are certain many people smoke marijuana at hempfest, the organizers cannot officially encourage or condone the violation of any law, no matter how wrong. In Seattle, everyone smokes cannabis freely and in the open. Check out the picture above and you will know why. In Gainesville an enterprising soul decided to issue forth vast quantities of rolled cannabis cigarettes. This was an expected happening for years at that event. Although the doobie tosser was eventually aquitted he still served some jail time. It would be nice to have the kind of conditions that would allow for open marijuana smoking, but we cannot hasten, nor cause any laws to be broken. In other words, SMOKE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Jacksonville Hempfest is an event organized by members of JAXCAN

Interesting Jacksonville Hempfest Statistics:

2002 negotiations:
Click here to see the letter from Jacksonville Beach.
Click here to see our response.

Arrests, number of:

1998: 7
1999: 0
2000: 0 (one notice to appear)
2001: 0
2002: 18 (Unverified, reported by Times Union)

Attendance (Estimated):

1998: 2,000
1999: 3,000
2000: 1,500
2001: 1,000
2002: 5,000

Bands, which have played Hempfest:

Below Paris
Better Dayz
Buddha Stone Tribe
Chad Jasmine
Danny's Big Wheel
DJ Chris Kelly
Gunga Din

Hank El diablo
Manna Zen
Minus 10
Morris Code
RX Bandits
Sound Pushers
Steve Walker Band ("Mule Skinner Blues")
uperfly Rodeo
Troubled Mind

If your band is not on here and should be let us know

Bands on our shitlist: (in otherwords banned from playing hempfest)
Clone Defect, Long Beach Dub All Stars, First Coast Steel Ensamble.
These bands promised to play and then flaked out at the last minute or did not show up. DO not pay for their shows.

Budget of last five fests combined:


Search Results on "Jacksonville Hempfest":

Google: 513
Yahoo: 46
MSN Search: 24
Lycos: 278
Ask Jeeves: About 50
AOL Search: 46

Tax Dollars spent by Jacksonville and Jax beach to stop hempfest:

At Least $25,000 in Legal fees


1998: Seawalk Pavilion Jacksonville Beach
1999: Seawalk Pavilion Jacksonville Beach
2000: Metropolitan Park, Jacksonville
2001: Hemming Plaza, Jacksonville
2002: The New Seawalk Pavilion Jacksonville Beach


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