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Here you will eventually find a plethora of information that
many government agencies, religious extremists, gullible followers, the police,
and Christian Hypocrites don't want you to know or believe.
Why do I want you to know????
Because as an aware person armed with facts you can make
your own choices about what you put into your body instead of letting someone
choose for you because you are ignorant of the facts.

The Information you will find below is a necessity if you decide to use psilocybe
mushrooms. Whether you intent to be a recreational or Spiritual user, you need to be
knowledgeable about the effects, identifications, and other characteristics of psilocybe
mushroom ingestion.

















The Psilocybe Cubensis


The stem also stains blue when cut or torn. One distinguishing feature of the cubensis is the remains of the veil appearing as a skirt around the stalk. It is usually purple from the spores falling on it. There is no way this mushroom can be mistaken for anything else if you are in the southeastern United States. If you are unsure, then by all means throw it out. I am sure I threw away some good ones when I was first starting.

But it is better to be safe than dead from the wrong fungus. The Psilocybe Cubensis grows wild in the Gulf Coastal region of the United States and is probably the mushroom you want to look for.

There are many other varieties of psilocybe mushrooms which grow in other areas For Information concerning these mushrooms, and more images of cubensis please refer to this page.

For a more technical and historical Aspect please go here.

For Good Reference Pictures of Psilocybe Cubensis See our Harvest Section

It is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for you to be able to correctly identify any mushroom before you consume it. Many people have died a slow and painful death as they are poisoned by their own toxins because their liver is gone from eating the wrong mushroom.


All psilocybe mushrooms are hallucinogenic

Psilocybin and Psilocin are the two psychoactive ingredients contained in psilocybe mushrooms.
All psilocybin is immediately turned into psilocin by the body upon ingestion. Psilocin Goes into your brain and mixes with the natural chemicals (serotonin) in your brain (which are almost identical chemically to psilocin) that are responsible for plugging into your sensory receptors, and thus distorts your perception.
The chemical reaction needed to convert psilocybin to psilocin may cause abdominal discomfort, and high blood pressure.
The intestinal problems can be averted somewhat by taking Zantac or something like that prior to eating shrooms.
Also depending upon the way you prepare the shrooms it can effect the severity.

The "trip" lasts anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on dose, and potency of the shrooms.

Usually the user will experience: Visual Distortions, Time Distortions, Transparency or a switching of the senses (hearing colors),
sounds will be better, colors brighter, and inanimate objects tend to come alive (such as trees), rapidly changing thoughts, alacrity and clarity, sometimes spiritual awakenings. The higher the dose the more severe the effects.

There are no permanent medically damaging side effects from using psilocybe mushrooms. However, it is advised that those with severe mental problems, or in a depressed state of mind, or who are not mature enough to know what is happening to them, avoid using this substance for any purpose.

It Ain't no ride at Disneyland.........

You may wish to examine some "trip reports" at the Shroomery's website to get an idea of what you may or may not experience.



For a new shroomer, a mind blowing, almost orgasmic journey of spiritual and creative energy may be a little frightening. The virgin should start with 4-5 fresh psilocybe cubensis caps of average size. If picked in the wild and really big even 1 can give a pretty nice ride. Those who are more experienced can take more or less. Other varieties demand more or less depending on variety.

Look to this page for dosage info on other varieties.

Also the state of the mushroom can affect the outcome. For Example: Dried mushrooms add 1-2 caps for boiled in tea add 2-3 caps. Many "dealers" on the street go by weight. I do not always think that by weight is the best way to determine dose. It should be noted that each individual mushroom may or may not be as potent as the next one even if they are the same variety. Please see this page about a fatal overdose of psilocybes one of two ever reported worldwide.

Once you have become accustomed to using psilocybes and familiar with the effects you may wish to attempt higher dosages and reach for the different levels of shroom experience.


Unfortunately, in 49 of the 50 United States it is Against the Law to Possess, Grow, Buy, And Sell Psilocybin Mushrooms.

It is against federal law to possess psilocybin, not psilocybin mushrooms and a few folks have been lucky saying that it happen to occur in the mushrooms they were picking for x-mas dinner

In a few States having Psilocybin Mushrooms is a Felony. In most possession is just a misdemeanor Equivalent to having a joint.

But in ALL STATES it is a big crime to sell or possess for distribution and to cultivate, you may grow the fungus to the point of mycelium. (See this page.)

Only Florida does not currently have an enforceable law against possession of psilocybin mushrooms. Lucky US!!! But, If you get caught picking in Florida be prepared to get the maximum penalty for Trespassing.

See Fiske Vs State of Florida for more info about Florida Laws and the constitutionality of applying them.

It is always wise to remain silent even if you get arrested, most law enforcement personnel do not read this page and therefor do not know what psilocybes look like. Never Ever Admit to what they are even if you get caught with them until you talk to an attorney about Fiske Vs State of Florida. If you are interested in knowing your rights to refuse searches of your vehicle, person, or home, see the Florida Cannabis Action Network page here.

Overseas they are not so harsh on psilocybes Especially in Mexico, and the Caribbean where they are a part of religious ceremony.

How to Eat:

Over the Years North Florida Shroom Guide has received Recipes for eating, boiling and storing shrooms. Here are a few:

The Classic Shroom TEA: A purple Experience

Take your mushrooms and cut them up into small pieces on a plate or cutting board. Place all the pieces into a pot (size depending on number of shrooms) add enough water to cover the shrooms 2-3 times over. Heat the water to boiling, turn water off and let peices steep for a few minutes. Drain the juice into a container. (you may wish to filter the juice through a panty hose or coffee filter) then you put your pieces back into the pan cover with new water, reboil, and redrain into the same container you emptied the first batch into. The take your juices and mix in double strength of grape koolaid and sugar to taste and chill with ice and serve.

"I have found that brewing the mushrooms, leaving in the cut up bits ("grog"), and flavoring the brew with ample cinnamon and sugar seems to kill the nasty taste, even make it pleasant". From Myco-Mike

* a handful of caps in the blender, with milk & ice cream, hides the taste completely. I think chocolate or strawberry ice cream works best! THANKS THINVEIL!

Another ingestion technique that is popular around here is DIPPING THEM FRESH IN RANCH DRESSING like carrot sticks. We were tweaking out the other morning dreaming up a new brand name called Hidden Pasture. I love the taste of fresh mushrooms, but the dressing trick pulls it over the top, please share it on your site. old dried ones that were looking ugly, so we powdered them down in a coffee grinder and found that The powder is also good for mixing with greentea/lemongrass &/or Kool Aid From Uncle Jam

Cutting Up Fresh Shrooms and boiling for 5 minutes, straining the juice and boiling the pieces again for 5 minutes. Then mixing with Kool Aid seems to work well. Grape is the best.

Boiling the shrooms in Ramen Pride Soup also Helps to cover that taste.

If you have stored the fresh shrooms in honey for a couple of weeks, then you can eat the good sweetness without anything else.

Pizza is good with a couple of caps cooked on top.

Be inventive. See what you like and Don't Like.

-heybucko suggests not using shrooms with prescription pills like hydrocodine saying it is a Bad trip waiting to happen.

It is always recommended to use a Zantac or some other acid reducer when eating shrooms as they do tend to cause abdominal discomfort

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