As I get increasing E-Mail asking me questions for info I just do not have on my site for various reasons. I figured it would be nice to divert some of those questions here instead of answering so much e-mail Not that I don't love hearing from you guys! You may still feel free to write me about anything! Including questions not answered here! but I like engaging in conversations and discussion instead of just answering questions all the time! Beware, if you e-mail me you are responsible for the knowledge contained herein, if you ask me something that is already here I will ignore it.

Because I am a busy activist fighting against the drug war, I have also placed these questions and answers here to try and fulfill your burning quest for knowledge and allow me to concentrate on fighting the war on drugs.

So Here you will find the answers to many of the questions asked over and over. Hope this helps- Cowboy


Question: What are these Shrooms, I find them all over, are they psychoactive?

Answer: These Mushrooms are commonly found growing from poop in many of the same fields as Psilocybe Cubensis. Many people think this is Copelandia cyanescens, but it is not. The species is Panaeolus sphintrinus, and Panaeolus campanulatusand they are not psychedelic. They taste like Chicken and are not toxic however. There are many differences between these and P Cubensis so it is really hard to confuse. For more information regarding Coeplandias and the look alikes see this page.

Question: What is the best way to store or dry shrooms?

Answer: Well, you could do a number of things, drying them in a dehydrator which does not use heat is the best way to dry and store shrooms. If this is not available just lay them out on some newspaper on your dresser or any other dry place for about 4 days. Storing them in Honey is a great safe measure, they can be kept indefinitely like that. Other methods are posted in the grow section in the tips area and in the Primer Section.


Question: How long do shrooms stay in your system and can you be drug tested for them?

Answer: Psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-DMT) and psilocin (4-hydroxy-DMT) are the two main psychoactive ingredients in psilocybe mushrooms. Psilocybin is immediately converted by the body into psilocin upon ingestion. All psilocybin and psilocin is absent from the body with in 24 hours of ingestion. The Aztecs used to save their urine after using the shrooms in religious ceremony to drink in the next ceremony, because it contained all of the psilocin that was ever in the body. There are some drug tests that test solely for psilocybin. Of course that test is a rip off to whomever purchases it. And there are some tests that will detect psilocin, but after 24 hours they are useless. These tests are hard to come by and very expensive. Chances are you will not be taking a test that is looking for psilocin anytime soon. For a more scientific and detailed primer on psilocybin and psilocin, please look here


Question: Cowboy, Can you Prove that Psilocybes are Legal in Florida?

Answer: Yes!!! Please see the following link which is cited from the Florida Supreme Court. This Case is the binding law on possession of FRESH psilocybes in Florida Fiske Vs. State of Florida. Ok, now I need to state something here really clear. That does not mean you will not get arrested. Police arrest people all the time even when not breaking the law. Fiske simply gives you the tools to be found innocent or acquitted if you are charged with something like possession of illegal contraband. Recent reports coming from Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee counties are that folks are being charged with possession of LSD in an effort to scare them into signing up for Drug Court. If you get into this situation please contact the webmaster here.


Question: What's in the Feed?

Answer: So you have heard some silly diddy about angry farmers wanting to stop our good time. Well, the truth is most of the time if the cows are fed supplements they will include anti fungals, which will halt the germination of spores in the multichambered bovine stomach. Mostly this is not to block mushroom production, more as a protection for the cattle. Why do you think you rarely find shrooms on dairies? Yes the cows can be fed something to stop shroom production, but salt licks do the trick too just not as effective. Sometimes you will hear legitimate tales of farmers who are sick of shroomers trashing the fields and fucking with the cows and as a final measure they will feed the cows. You can avoid this happening by using proper shroom courtesy.


Question: What Do Psychedelic Shrooms Look Like?

Answer: Often this question gets asked along with Which ones grow near me? Which Are Poison? Etc. I often refer these individuals to the Safe-Pik:Mushroom Identification Guide Please Click Here to go there now.


Question: "Cowboy: Will you just sell me some shrooms?"

Answer: NO, I will Not. This is for several reasons: First, This is very Illegal. Not that I have any great concern for the laws which hairy old men have decided to place upon me, but I like to use my freedom of speech to its fullest extent and if I have nothing to hide then I can do this without fear. I do grow shrooms from time to time but I do not sell them. Sometimes I give them away but I have enough friends in my area to share with. Besides, Why do I wanna sell something that anybody regardless of location can obtain for free or cultivate for little money? I may consider trading some of the local flora with some from elsewhere but that is about it. There are places in Holland which will sell you some via mail order. One is Here. You can get a shroom kit with all the neccessary items to replicate some methods of growing for free by making a donation to a worthy non profit. See this page for more info.


Question: Where, Oh, Where Do the shrooms grow near me or Where are the fields in Tampa, West Palm, Pensacola, Oklahoma, New Jersey, or So. California.

Answer: Ok Guys, I depend on you in this area. I generally post the fields that are sent to me. I know this is a very sensitive area. Because who wants to give out the location of their prized fields? But, It would be nice if you would let us know some to help out your fellow shroomers. Afterall with the exception of a majority of AOLers won't people on the net have enough sense not to over pick your fields?

If it ain't on the page, it means one of three things:

1)  I don't know about it 

2)  I am not going to tell you, even if I do know  (usually limited to the NE Florida Area)  

3)  I am sworn to secrecy about the location.

If you write to me asking me where the fields are near you and it isn't on the page chances are you will not get a response at all, or a response will not even address that question. I am a busy activist fighting against the drug war. If you want to send me even more mail than I already get then by all means do so, but remember you are taking away from my time fighting for your rights and freedoms.


Question: Where do I get spores?

Answer: There are numerous fine mail-order options for psilocybe cubensis spores. Some are Gulf Coast variety, some are other hybrid strains. We have always recommended the syringes offered by Psilocybe Fanaticus. However they are not the only game in town. Please see the many fine options available in the grow section of the NFSG.


Question: What is the best time of day to go picking? (i.e. the 6AM question)

Often shroomers are led to believe that 6AM is the absolute best time to go picking shrooms, this is not always so, it is true that shrooms like to grow in darkness, but it is not totally required to find the most shrooms, the absolute best timeframe is 12-36 hours after heavy rainfall, why? First of all shrooms are 90% water, and believe it or not it exposes portions of the fungus to light, which makes it fruit. Most times a picker is in a field w/out permission, in these cases it would be wise to do the picking at a time when the farmer is least likely to be awake...2AM.


Question: When is the Season?

Answer: For Psilocybe Cubensis, In Florida It Runs from May-October, with July and August being the best Months. Although P. Cubensis Grows year-round in some parts of the state, it is best in these months. For other varieties and other areas:
please see this page for a clue.


Just Why in the World would you want to put this info on the Internet?

Answer: I put this info up so you can do what you please with it. However, Cowboy (that's me) does shrooms for the following reasons only: Enhanced creativity, Spirituality, and to Peer at our world from a different point of view. If you want them to get "messed up", that is your business but they are much more valuable when used for the reasons above. Our government doesn't trust us to use them responsibly why kill our chances for reform before they start?

Also, I have attempted to provide a complete factual information resource for all who are curious about magic mushrooms, so that someone doesn't eat the wrong mushroom, and to reduce any potential harm associated with misuse or abuse.

Now, Just what on God's Green Earth is Shroom Courtesy?

If you are going to pick mushrooms and go slap ass out of your mind for a few hours, you might as well do it responsibly. Here are some simple guidelines to go by which will make farmers more willing to let us on their fields, let more shroomers wind up scoring on a particular night, bring peace and enlightenment upon you with out the scourge of a guilty conscience and make the planets align for 2 hours in the year 2205. (well, that might be stretching it), JUST FREAKING DO IT!

If you follow these simple things you too can be a certified NFSG Courteous Shroomer. You won't win anything except. Not spending a night in Jail for trespassing, the respect of your NFSG and fellow shroomers, and the chance to go shrooming for years to come. PEACE UPON YOU ALL!!!!!

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